Diagnostics and tests

When you’ve got a health issue on your mind, all you want to do is resolve the problem, quickly. This often requires diagnostic tests like blood and urine analysis.

Unfortunately, waiting times for these procedures can be long and just add to your worry and anxiety.

We offer a range of specific pathology tests at our city centre location, that can take place quickly with results and reports returned promptly.

There is no need to get a referral from your NHS GP and you will be seen by an approved specialist.

Fast-tracked results

We work with pathology services (laboratory tests) to find out if you have conditions like diabetes or an overactive/underactive thyroid.

For your peace of mind, we’ll get your results back to you as soon as possible.

Our range of pathology tests include:  

Screening bloods and urine

  • Biochemistry profile (liver function, kidney function, thyroid function) – £40
  • Liver function – £28
  • Kidney function – £25
  • Thyroid function – £32
  • Haematology profile (full blood count, lipids (cholesterol) levels – £52
  • Full blood count – £24
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol) – £28
  • Glucose (testing for diabetes) – £38
  • Urine culture (urinary tract infection) – £30
  • Ferritin (iron) – £24
  • Vitamin D – £50

Immunology testing

  • HIV – £30
  • Hep B – £52
  • Hep A – £48
  • Hep C – £35
  • MMR – £50
  • TB T-spot -£105

Travel health screening

  • Malarial parasites – £30
  • Filariasis – £62
  • Bilharzia – (urine test) – £62
  • Ova, cysts and parasites (stool test) – £35
  • Zika antibodies – £145

Hormones and tumour markers

  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) – £28
  • Oestradiol – £28
  • Progesterone – £28
  • Prolactin – £28
  • Testosterone – £32
  • PSA (Prostatic specific antigen) – £35
  • CA125 (ovarian cancer) – £42

Our partnerships with other companies enable us to offer imaging tests including X-rays, CT scans, MRI and Ultrasound, although these will not take place in our Practice.

Make an enquiry

Simply call us on 0121 728 8366 or email mail@bhsfmedicalpractice.co.uk. Alternatively, to find out more about our services please complete the enquiry form below.

What our patients say

"The doctor was very friendly and approachable. He answered all my questions. The waiting area was very nice, the building is gorgeous and the downstairs reception is very impressive and professional."
"Good experience, very professional. The building was immaculate, very modern with plenty of natural light. The receptionist welcomed me and showed me to the waiting area, she talked me through what details I needed to provide, she was polite and friendly. The waiting room was smart and comfortable. The clinician was reassuring and very attentive, I felt very comfortable and it was completely refreshing not to be rushed in and out like I’m used to with my local GP."